International Folklore Festival "Bukovyna Meetings"

The traveling festival, which unites 4 countries - Poland, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine, is hospitably hosted by Chernivtsi from year to year. The festival is held in those cities and countries where the centers of Bukovynian folklore have been preserved. After all, in different periods of history Bukovynians emigrated to different countries and preserved their culture there. The Bukovyna Meetings are a unique event that has no analogues in Europe. After all, for over 30 years the festival has been gathering and uniting numerous Bukovina diasporas from many countries around the world.

At the Bukovynian Meetings, spectators witness ancient rites and customs, listen to long-forgotten songs, enjoy inflammatory Bukovynian dances, and are enchanted by the melodic music of Bukovyna. Each team is so different, but at the same time very similar - truly Bukovynian. Guests of the festival can see the participants dressed in traditional clothes not only on the stages, in a chamber atmosphere, but also on the streets of Chernivtsi. Bukovynian artists from 4 countries travel from city to city, from street to street.

"Bukovynian Meetings" is a union of different generations, because the age of participants is from 3 to 90 years. And most importantly - a meeting of good old acquaintances who nurture the native culture in different parts of Europe.

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