Chernivtsi Half Marathon is a great symbiosis of sports excitement and sports tourism!

Just imagine: the majestic magnificent architecture around, and under your feet you can see the Austrian cobblestones, and you run overcoming kilometers of half marathon. The best way to see Chernivtsi is to register for the distance and run through a cozy and charming city. More than a thousand athletes do it every time. Not only Ukrainian athletes are among the participants, but also runners from other countries, which makes the half marathon multinational. They are attracted by the route. Although it is not very simple, but at the same time one of the most beautiful in Ukraine.

CBG Chernivtsi Half Marathon is worth a try! Participants will receive a warm welcome, the most beautiful and pleasant awards and prizes, the most delicious treats, interesting trails and strong support.

The half marathon is held in May. This time in Chernivtsi the weather is usually pleasan, and this helps not only to run cool, but also to get acquainted with the city and have a good rest. By the way, the city has a very diverse gastronomic culture. So take family or friends and spend a cool sports weekend in Chernivtsi.

You will fall in love with CBG Chernivtsi Half Marathon and the sports experience you will experience here will not give you peace of mind. Once you've been to a half marathon, you're sure to come back. 


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