Every day at noon on the tower of the Chernivtsi City Hall a trumpet player in a folk Hutsul costume plays an excerpt from the melodic song "Marichka" on all four sides of the world. This glorious Chernivtsi tradition was founded in 2004. Since then, the trumpet player climbs 126 steps to the town hall tower every day. He stands where the magistrate's staff previously informed citizens about world events in three languages, and begins the ceremony. Every day, regardless of the weather, the trumpet player plays "Marichka" and informs Chernivtsi residents and guests of the city that it is noon.

This ritual has become one of the tourist attractions of Chernivtsi, often travelers try to be on the Central Square at 12.00 to hear the trumpet. And the song "Marichka" has already become a kind of song symbol of the capital of Bukovyna.

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